RQ'VA, as in Rosa Quiterio's Visual Archive. I'm a Portuguese graphic designer and this is my visual archive / tumblelog, kinda like a blog but with short-form, mixed-media posts with stuff that caught my eye related to Art, Design, Illustration,Typography, Motion Graphics...

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//// Sarah von der Heide // Grafikdesign / Illustration ////
Siamese Fireback by Brendan Wenzel
NotJones\ truly inpiring portfolio, more here
national stationery show: animals (via)
Gorgeous Illustrations by Garance Doré (12 total) - via My Modern Metropolis
Foldable Basket by Takashi Houjo (via CubeMe)
HUH - Not a Lamp
Advice to Domestics by Paula Castro
[illustration] Adam Baz (via)
Lyric Theatre Rebranding by Multistorey (check for more images of their great portfolio here)
@vitor galvão: it was a BIG Kit Kat ;-). Above: Animated Gif Paranoia for designers who just can’t take a break (via quipsologies)

beautiful layered-resin works Brooks Sahne Salzwedel
Impressive showcase of web design in Germany by Smashing Magazine.
this is a very nice lamp (by Studio Morinn)