RQ'VA, as in Rosa Quiterio's Visual Archive. I'm a Portuguese graphic designer and this is my visual archive / tumblelog, kinda like a blog but with short-form, mixed-media posts with stuff that caught my eye related to Art, Design, Illustration,Typography, Motion Graphics...

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A  LBUM (1)

by Charlotte Cheetham, published by OMMU  /  year — 2011

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 Sculptures by Willy Verginer.
Greg Eason - VOICER | We Voice Creativity and Inspiration
“we have failed each other miserably" by Christine Young
T.I. Paper Trail by Ian Wright
altered victorian engravings by dan hillier (via I need a guide)
Hat-trick design’s commemorative RSC stamps (via Creative Review)
Chris Magiera — TypoStandard
(via Dutch Literature | PUBLIC SCHOOL)
“Considering a multiplicity of appearances in light of a particular aspect of relevance. Or: Can art be concrete?”, 2007 Olaf Nicolai. Installation, 16 sheets, 400 books. Exhibition view. (via VVORK
Masse Critique by Kilian Rüthemann & Niklaus Wenger at Centre d´Art Neuchâtel in Switzerland
WILD THING: Ray Morimura
(More Whimsical Book Paintings by Mike Stilkey (7 pieces) - via My Modern Metropolis
Enormous Paper Cut Art (7 pics) by Tomoko Shioyasu (via My Modern Metropolis)
Corinne Zellweger | Found in Books