RQ'VA, as in Rosa Quiterio's Visual Archive. I'm a Portuguese graphic designer and this is my visual archive / tumblelog, kinda like a blog but with short-form, mixed-media posts with stuff that caught my eye related to Art, Design, Illustration,Typography, Motion Graphics...

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Designers go to Heaven

Agathe de Bailliencourt
Occupation Bleue
Acrylic painting on wallsSingapore Biennale 2006
0 “ x  0 “
This Is Greatness (via  The Inspiration Room)
Great visual effects on this video campaign: http://youtu.be/-rPyeJUomdM
MoMA /// What Is a Print? (click on the image to see)
Colette Saint Yves. Coeur.
• Miosis •
Os Gémeos Blu, Lisbon (via unurth | street art)
I was going to be an A0 poster (via Graphic-ExchanGE)

Balint Zsako.
Stone Fields by Giuseppe Randazzo (novastructura)
(via Looks like good Photography by Brooke Shaden)
 The Naturalist
Noah Doely’s artwork and the wet collodion process
 http://noahdoely.com/photo​graphs.html(via http://bit.ly/pRe6UD)
"Ironic, fun and fresh! Wig is a ceramic  white vase whose delicate feminine features evoke Modiglianesque shapes  and silhouettes. Wig allows users to experiment and create delightful  floral hairdos. By transforming the nature of its setting and  surroundings and stealing a smile from those passing by, Wig feels  destined to draw attention."
(via - WIG)
Stunning Sculptures by Odani Motohiko - via My Modern Metropolis
(via “Printers and Designers”, Herbert Spencer « The Ressabiator)